• This Pixies Box Set was created simply because I love Pixies and wanted to create some kind of tribute to my favorite band. The idea started when I created a letterpressed word, Pixies, in a split fountain style and loved how the scratches of the old, wooden type gave personality to the print. It fit well as the branding to the grunge-filled style of Pixies, thus giving me a starting point for this project.
    This collector's box set comes with the three first albums of Pixies—Come on Pilgrim, Surfer Rosa, and Doolittle—a lyric book, and a letterpressed poster featuring the lyrics from "Monkey Gone to Heaven." The lyric book contains all of the lyrics to the first three albums and is accompanied by images and pull quotes distorted based on Frank Black's unexpected screeching pitch in certain songs featured on the spreads.
  • Packaging
  • Letterpressed Poster
  • "If Man is 5, then the Devil is 6, and God is 7"
  • Lyric Book
  • Megan Riley / MMXV