Ebb: A Happy Distraction for the Stressed Mind

  • Ebb is a service, in the form of a mobile interface, that allows the user to pinpoint their stress level and/or stressful events that are happening in their lives, and generates a playlist based specifically for that user based on their stress levels and music genre preferences.
    While the user is listening to the playlist, they have the option to visualize their breathing—which is a good tactic while having panic attacks/widely used aspect of meditation—with the visualization of the instruments in the song.
  • This idea was my degree project for my senior year at MassArt. It is essentially the visual residue that came from the intensive research I did about both stress and music therapy. The basic concepts in each topic that caught my attention and formed this project were the difference between stress and the body's stress response as well as how song pitch and tempo can evoke the feeling of calmness in the mind.
  • Megan Riley / MMXV