Nectar: A Kitchen & Gathering

  • Nectar was created and inspired by my love of food and my growing desire of supporting and encouraging local farms and businesses when eating out and at home. Through seasonally inspired menus and ingredients Nectar creates a participatory dialog between the people and the food. Nectar engages all guests in the creation and knowledge of the how, what, and where of their food. Through all these elements Nectar can hopefully inspire and change the future of restaurants and encourage support of local and fresh foods. 
    Illustrations by: Jenn Rea,
  • As guests enjoy fresh and seasonal foods they are invited to participate in a more out of the ordinary restaurant experience.  When participating at Nectar guests receive a series of seasonally curated food and drink menus that are meant to be assembled yourself from directions that are provided. Since we hope to encourage this participation at home every guest is given all the information they need to continue the experience at home from recipe and source cards to a little seasonal gift from the farms and businesses we support!