Thank You For Sharing ( A Card Game)

  • Card Front: Color indicates the level of intensity that the story may ensue. If users are uncomfortable, they can elect to skip the more intense cars (the dark purple ones.)
  • Card Backs: Stories have a title and keywords to help the story unlock their own stories to share.
    The guidelines are quick to read, fit in the palm of your hand, and provide diagrams so that users are encouraged to read the rules prior to playing.
  • Stories have a range of subject matter, and intensity. I created a color system so that players could anticipate how intense a story would be prior to picking it up from the deck. This gives players more freedom in how the game is played, and how intimate the game gets. The game can be played with aquaintances, close friends, and strangers if you are daring! 
  • Players had the opportunity to relate to the prompt through a variety of entry-points. I wanted to emphasize this because the game is not about the stories on the cards; it is about the players connections that they make with others.
  • This is the entire branding system, including stickers! The brand needed to be friendly, especially because the game challenges people to share personal stories.