Panic At The Disco Box Set

  • Panic at The Disco has always been a personal favorite. To this day, I have yet to become bored with any of their songs. This is due to their music style shift from album to album. I showed this progression through color, hand lettering, and hand sketches. My hand sketches and lettering reflect the experience of listen to the unique lyrics of Panic's songs. The box set went through two design iterations before landing at the final product.
  • Album 1
  • The top book shows the first iteration, and the bottom shows the second iteration. In the second
    iteration I focused on the typography, and hand lettered the text to better suit my concept. 
  • Construction Process
  • Album 2, Pretty Odd
    Panic's music style changes drastically from Album 1 to Album 2.
  • Album 3
  • Album 4
  • Hand Lettering Process
    Materials: Ink and Sharpie