DMV Service Redesign

  • Design Research is a senior level course at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where students work together in small teams to produce three separate design projects over the course of one semeser. These projects reveal a considerable process to the final presentation through field research, user interviews, ideation, and revisions. The course addresses a need for team managment, driven by the students to determine roles and deliverables. 
    In this section of Service Design, the task was to design [or redesign] a service and draft a video proposal identifying both digital and anolog touchpoints. My team worked together to address the overarching frustration of the Department of Motor Vehicles [DMV], and proposed an integration the current and rising capabilities of todays technologies. Together, we researched, storyboarded, and designed visual assets to contribute to the final presentation. The final animation, done in After Effects CC, is my most significant contribution to the project. 
  • Course: Design Research
    Professor: Philip Leung 
    Student Team: Bethany Chappell, Brittany Johnston, & Alex Norton 
    Animation: Bethany Chappell
    This is a student project for Massachusetts College of Art & Design.