Swell Tide Tracker

  • Swell is a tide tracking iphone application which helps the user check out beach conditions before packing up and heading out to enjoy a day by the sea. This application is helpful for surfers, sailors, and everyday beach-goers, by allowing them to observe current and future conditions of beaches in the U.S.
    The idea for the Swell app branched from another project in which I had to create a dynamic, moving logo. The logo was originally created for Nantasket Beach. The blue of the logo represents the tide height at the current time in which the user is looking at it, meanwhile the purple represents the current moon phase at the same time.
  • Swell allows the user to filter and browse beaches according to coastlines. Once, the user selects a coastline, every state on the coast is listed, where the user can then select the state they are in and observe the current condition of any beach.
  • The beach overview page features the swell logo in the form of the state of the beach. For example, the conditions for Nantasket beach on June, 20th, 2015, at 3:21PM are high tide, and the moon is in a half moon stage. The line graph shows the predictions of when the tide will next go out and in.
  • Megan Riley / MMXV