Spring 2015 Animation Projects

  • Current WIP: Project had to include a run cycle and a balloon. Created the backgrounds in Photoshop and Flash and animated in flash. Current time spent on project ~2 weeks
  • Prompt: Make a walk cycle of a character who just found $20
  • Character design & test run cycle of a current animation project of a little girl chasing a balloon to the end of the world. Layout or other designs included in the Animation Design project. 
  • The Witches Entrance: The first scene of a project I worked on at the end of Fall 2014. A more nightmare-ish version of Hansel and Gretel.
  • Rotoscope of Pirate Radio's Stag Night. 
  • Rotoscope printed and used various media and collected in Dragonframe
  • The Short Adventures of Hansel & Gretel: Full video of a animation project I worked on in Fall 2014. Project duration: ~One week