Miscellaneous Work

  • ^ "Remnants of an Unknown Woman"
    -Multi media (Digital, Acrylic)
  • ^ Illustrated lyrics from the song, "The Frontier Index", by Silver Jews
    "Robot walks into a bar, orders a drink, lays down a bill
    The bartender says hey we don't serve robots and the robot says
    Oh, but someday you will"
    -oil paint
  • ^ Lifetime Acheivement Award Painting for, David Gilmour, of the band, Pink Floyd
    -Acrylic on canvas panel
  • ^ "How To Clog A Toilet", infographic
  • ^ "Giant Q-Tip Nightmare"
    -Acrylic on bristol
  • ^ The Comedian, from the film, Watchmen. Master copy, original drawing by Farel Dalrymple
    -Pen and ink
  • "Depression", pen and ink on gold paper.
  • "Anxious Actions", Collage, ink, colored pencil
  • "Fly Utopia/Human Invasion", colored pencil, ink ,  18in x 24in