Oliva & Quercia

  • The term "Italian Cuisine" has begun to blur the regional distinctions of the Italian peninsula —  a country whose gastronomy is a cornerstone of its culture. OLIVA & QUERCIA strives to educate Americans and remind Italian Americans of the diversity between these twenty regions. Each region holds a wealth of traditions and flavors based on local resources and customs.
    Named for the unifying olive and oak branches of the Repubblica Italiana emblem, OLIVA & QUERCIA provides the authentic flavor of each region. Pasta is both a unifying and distinguishing dish throughout Italy. Each region prepares their pasta in their own fashion, often a unique story behind the form. Le Tipicitá di Pasta Regionali, or the typical pasta of each region, along with a distinct regional recipe, introduces an American market to the authentic taste of each Italian region's character. OLIVA & QUERCIA emphasizes the intricate complexities of the true Italian cuisines   —  the regional cuisines.