• Landmark Magazine

    Spring 2014 | Refurbished Spring 2015

    Landmark Magazine is travel magazine prototype, geared towards study abroad students and those interested in the historical values of locations.

    The “Natural Formations issue” of this prototype, contains three feature articles and an infographic spread: The Old Man of the Mountain, the La Brea Tar Pits, and Niagara Falls with a Daredevil package feature containing illustrations of the contraptions that took the plunge over the falls.

  • Additional Covers
    Halloween issue and the Venture issue

  • Isolation of the Infographic

    For this infographic spread, I researched and utilized old photography to create hand-inked and textured illustrations of the Daredevils contraptions, to plot along a 100 year timeline of attempts. To accompany the timeline, I also developed a vector graphic of the Horseshoe falls for highlighting the hidden hazards of the brink.