MassHealth Rebranding Initiative

  • Logo and branding concepts for MassHealth.
  • The Rod of Asclepius consists of a snake curled around a staff and stems from Greek mythology, in which Asclepius was a god of healing. It still serves as a symbol of medicine in modern times and can be found in logos of various medical organizations. To separate it from the pack, I converted the curved serpent into an angular shape that wraps around a central rod. The different tones give the logo dimension, and the capital letters of the Avenir font carry the modern angles over into the otherwise rounded, welcoming text. The colors range from teal and blue to purple and maroon, which are associated with quality, professionalism, and sophistication. The color scheme pairs with the history-rich logo to define MassHealth as a strong, lasting presence in health care.
  • I carried over the idea of the state silhouette from the current MassHealth logo and placed it into a more modern layout. By setting the state’s shape into a rectangle, the logo is no longer an irregular form, but a defined, clean design, made more eye-catching by the contrast between the coastline’s curves and the solid angles of its surroundings. The color scheme is bright and welcoming, made up of blues, greens, and yellows that tie in with ideas of nature and growth. Avenir, the font, provides a crisp delivery of the text, which I left fully lowercase to carry on the friendly, current feel. With all aspects combined, I hope to provide MassHealth with a contemporary appearance of professionalism and warmth.