Looking Within 2

  • Looking Within
    Largely impacting my work is the exploration of the mind and its intimate processing of the external world. Through the simplicity of my composition I attempt to gather the focus of the viewer and guide thought towards what is not outwardly displayed on the canvas. This, in effect, allows the viewer to relish in the stillness, eventually landing on his or her unique interpretation.
    Initially, through unwavering delicacy and attention to detail, I captivate the eye of the viewer, bringing consideration to the mundane familiarity of the external world. Mirroring the effects of beauty in everyday life, this fascination will be fleeting, thus leaving the full impact of the work to go unnoticed if for the absent mind of the viewer. 
    The work’s content is supported through the use of a limited color palette, as well as the strategic placement of a single figure residing within a barren environment.