Bikes Fight Cancer Responsive Redesign

    Bikes Fight Cancer
    Bikes Fight Cancer is a cycling team dedicated to the fight against cancer. Over the last eight years the team has raised over $138,000 for cancer research via The Pan Mass Challenge. Sparing no expense on fund raising, team jerseys, and other shwag, the team recently decided to invest in their web presence as well. This redesign would focus on providing multiple ways to donate online and documenting all of the hard work these self-proclaimed knuckleheads have put into this noble adventure.
    In addition to being a home to easily facilitate online donations, is also a place that documents every detail of the teams near decade-long efforts. From blog posts, raffle winners, year-end recaps, an extensive image archive and even a list of every business sponsor, this site showcases and chronicles every one of those 1,300 miles logged through out every year.
    Everything team Bikes Fight Cancer does is done with so much gusto — their commitment to fighting cancer is a personal one (each member has lost a loved one to the disease or even beaten it themselves). That being said it was important that they be perceived as a trust-worthy organization who is committed but doesn't need to play up the dramatic side of the issue in the name of fundraising. In fact the team has a lot of fun doing what they do and part of our objective was to highlight these traits through photos of the team, lighthearted imagery that pokes fun at themselves and fun design elements that riff on the teams established voice.