Spark Camp: Branding and Code

    Spark Camp
    Matt Thompson of NPR reached out to Upstatment about developing a simple web site and branding system that could be used for Spark Camp: a meeting of the minds in the media industry that is held several times throughout each year. Even though the project had a limited time line I was able to jump in, establish the brand elements and build out a site around this new visual language and Matt's content needs. We were fortunate to work with Matt and his appreciation of all the extra details (like building out a set of icons at our suggestion) ultimately led to NPR hiring Upstatement for several other larger web design projects.
    Branding took inspiration from the themes based around community, dialogue and the types of imagery that is evoked from sitting around the campfire. Since Spark Camp intended to use their brand on the web, banners, stationary and other printed materials I built out many different components and alternate lockups to work as a flexible brand. The over all vibe is light-hearted and fun—something that Matt acknowledged as an important component of every camp event.
    Journalists and folks in the media industry are usually on the go. This was one of the reasons we wanted to give mobile users a rich experience. The site effortlessly scales without sacrificing the content or losing the light-hearted vibe of the site you'd normally get on the desktop version.