Sound Design

  • Soundscape
  • Assignment was to record all different types of sound (natural, industrial, ambient, close up,etc) and then mix and edit them using Pro Tools.
  • Foley and Midi
  • Using items that we brought to class, such as fruit, vegetables, and cooking utensils, my classmates and I recorded over 100 foley sounds together. Using these and midi sounds made using the instrunment plug-ins in Pro Tools, the assignment was to make sounds for an animation. I used a foley recording of a stapler remover for the mouse running, a shoe rubbing against a wet floor for the mouse squeaking as it falls, celery for the egg cracking, and a plastic bag for the wings flapping. All the other sounds and music were made using a midi keyboard.
    This is a work in progress as I plan to clean up the animation and add full color.
  • Final Project
  • For my final project in Sound Design for Animators, I had a choice of either making sounds for a project in another class or making an entirely new video to make sounds for. I chose to make sounds for my Character Animation final. I was required to have some dialogue to edit using tools such as the de-esser, compressor/limiter, and the expander/gate in Pro Tools to eliminate unwanted background noise, fix any high pitched noises, and to make the voice recording smoother. Other requirements were to include foley and midi sounds.