Character Animation

  • This is my character, James.
  • I made two 3 pose character turn around sheets of him
  • a character map
  • and a maquette using Sculpey, wire, and a wooden base, which I then painted over with white gesso.
  • Here is James walking
  • and here he is running.
  • One of our assignments was to make an animation in which our character does something and goes through a change of emotion. Below is a rough pencil test of James experiencing an emotional shift.
  • This is a fininished, inked animation of James's emotional shift.
  • For our final project we had to put our character through some sort of emotional shift again. Using our character map, we had to think and be able to explain why our character would do something or react a certain way. We also had to have a lip synch.
    Below is a storyboard of my final project.
  • Pencil test
    Doorbell sound came from soundbible.
  • Here is a clip showing my process of compositing, color correction, and clean up.
  • And, finally, the final animation.
    I also used this as my final project for my Sound Design for Animators class, so all of the sounds were recorded and edited by me.
  • I also had an assignment where I had to animate a four legged run in the middle of the semester.