Ugh, Books started as a data visualization of the 100 books in my personal book collection, then branched into a service that every angsty bookworm can love. The service, in form of an iOS 8 iPhone application, suggests the user books based on their current level of angst and what features they want in their book. The app allows users to save suggestions or add them to a wishlist and also features a GPS to direct the user to local independant bookstores near them to retrieve all of the books on their wishlist. 
    Bookstores would ideally partner with Ugh, Books. By promoting the app in store, Ugh, Books would gain more users yet direct these users back to the locally run buisnesses, giving the stores more customers in the long run. Long live the independant bookstore! 
  • The poster features 100 of the books I own which are catagorized into eight different categories: title, author, number of pages, school vs. leisure, satisfactory level, and favorites. However, the main category I split my books into was whatever embarrassing stage of life I was in: childish, awkward, supernatural obsessed, dark 'nd edgy, too angsty, and pretty regular.
    Inforgraphic Poster: 36"x36"
  • Megan Riley /  Massart MMXV