Behind the Scenes of Thyroid Cancer Book Cover

  • Behind the Scenes of Thyroid Tumors
    Book Cover 
  • In 2007, a Ph.D. student at the Karolinksa Institute reached out to me to design a cover for her thesis project about thyroid tumors. Through extensive research, I learned about the little dot micro arrays and the distinctive butterfly shape of the thyroid which became the main focal point of the design.
    Creating a background pattern with the micro arrays, I blocked out the shape of the thyroid by leaving those particular dots black and the others surrounding it yellow, red, green, light green, and dark green.
    “Wow!” That was the first thing on my mind when I opened the file. I showed the cover to 2 of my supervisors, they liked it and asked who did it.” ~ Dr. Jia Jing Lee
    It was a challenging project because of the unfamiliar subject matter, but it proved to be quite a success and I definitely learned a lot along the way.