Thalita Garcia Arq. | Brand Identity

  • Thalita Garcia Arq.

    Architects make what seems impossible possible by helping to bring our ideas to life safely. Creative, realistic and ambitious. In order to reposition an established brand to speak and reach new audiences, a new identity and positioning were necessary, totally adequate for the purpose and made to measure.

    A visual brand that carries a contemporary structure as a way of representing a modern language.The typographic composition of the project has a subtle and intelligent front when transmitting the act of measuring. With intentional colors, the entire graphic identity system is simplified to translate visual clarity within the architectural context.

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    The result is a progressive brand, oriented towards practical and functional design, with a conversation between a modern, minimalist and contemporary visual identity that bring the brand to life, allowing it to be implemented continuously and efficiently in different digital and offline environments.

    The repositioning of the Thalita Garcia Arq brand allows the architect to expand into new markets and consolidate herself as an industry leader, demonstrating her best talents and projects. A brand that was designed to reflect and expand the true purpose and ambitions of Thalita Garcia Arq. To the world.