SXSW App Redesign

  • SXSW App Redesign
    April 2020
    The goal of this project was to redesign the SXSW app to make it more user friendly, interactive, and beautiful.

    My first thought was that I wanted to make the app more compact and easy to journey through while showcasing the best parts about it. I got rid of the separate pages for news, information, and social media, and placed them neatly on the homepage where they can be easily accessed. Above those I put the two most important events of SXSW, the music and film festivals. This way the viewer can easily get information on both, which is what they probably downloaded the app for in the first place. At the top of the homepage I then put a carousel of artists who would be performing that year at SXSW, mostly as an advertisement as these artists are the product SXSW are selling.

    The next thing you see is the search bar, once you hit the search button the bar pops out along with other categories you can click to look at just like the music and film festival categories. I placed them here as they are important, and should have their own huge buttons, but the music and film festival is what most of the people will be searching for.
  • In this second row we see how I decided to organize the music festival artists. The default is searching them by alphabetical order, and you can turn on filters to search by genre, date, or venue. In the original app there was no way to search by category like this, which I thought was essential in a search function.

    The green I chose was also one of the colors that is already part of the SXSW color palette, but in my opinion was under utilized. Here it is obviously being used as both an accent and call-to-action. In the full version of the app, I imagine that in the settings you would be able to change the color to any of the other ones in the SXSW color palette like how Twitter does it. That way you feel like this app is more personal to you and your likes and dislikes.
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