• Speke is an app for primary providers that records audio notes they dictate during meetings with patients. These audio notes are transmitted to scribes who process them into medical records.

    I was brought in to refine the user experience and develop the visual style of the existing app.
  • My goal was to make the core experience more user friendly without losing removing features.

    Since the purpose of the app is to create audio records, the recording screen is the most important. It features visual feedback that recording is taking place and there's only one button. Once they're recording, I didn't want healthcare providers to have to think about the app at all.
  • I designed and organized screens for the new user flow, which includes enhanced security choices. Additionally, the redesigned Speke offers more context for users to help explain why some actions may be unavailable—medical regulations are clear about how patient data can be used. There's even a new feedback system for recordings that require followup from the original provider.

    Users of Speke have been very positive about the changes.